Ancient flavors since 1911

“Latini” is a way of meet Tuscany and its citizens, in its cooking raw materials are skillfully mixed into the typical dishes of Tuscan tradition.

Around the tables of “Il Latini” friendships are interwoven, all the world’s languages are spoken, fervent discussions are held and everyone tastes food has the flavour of the old times past.

“Il Latini” means tradition: a means of discovering Tuscany and tis people.

The kitchen is where the best products og Tuscany’s countryside are turned into the disches typical of the tuscan tradition.

Il Latini’s kitchen was originally the kitchen of Narciso’s wife, who used to take the disches from her home to the cellars in Palazzio Rucellai where tables were set.

Sora Maria’s cooking was made of ingredients and flavours typical of tuscan cuisine, simple and genuine food that nowadays are still a characteristic of the restaurant.

The flood in Florence did not spare the tavern, witch continued nevertheless to serve warm disches Florentine citizens among the muddy streets.

Around Latini’s table people build new friendships, speaks languages from all over the world, talk lively and taste food made of ancient, simple and tasty flavors.

“Latini” makes history: it is a way of meet Tuscany and its citizens through its cuisine.

Born as wine shop in 1911 with Angelo Latini and then developed as a restaurant with Narciso and his wife Maria, Latini has always been careful to pass down Tuscan typical flavors. Originally Maria used to carry cooked dishes from her home to Palazzo Rucellai’s cellars where there were the first setted tables.

Just like today’s chef, Maria cooked simple and natural food, using Tuscan typical herbs.

Florence’s flood damaged even the ancient wine shop, however they carried on serving hot dishes to the Florentines in the streets still full of mud. During those difficult days they didn’t deny anyone the comfort of a hot dish and a glass of wine.

Many years have passed and today the “Latini” has reached the fourth generation. They are waiting for receiving you among their tables with the typical Tuscan hospitality, quality raw materials and tasty dishes.